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Guide to relandice bot.

Relandice bot Play tab

Client seed : By default unchecked box Auto. When you login to your account you will have client seed number set to the one that has been assigned by 999dice.

Auto box checked. Client seed will be randomly generated and set by bot also shown at the client seed entry field each bet.


BTC, Doge, LTC, ETH spinner. By default BTC. Choose here which currency do you want to use to play.

Balance. Shows your current balance.

Chance %. By default 49.95, Auto box unchecked and auto range set to 5-95. Set your win chance.

Auto box checked. Win chance % will be randomly generated and set by bot according to auto range (by default it will be from 5 to 95).

Bet ammount. By default 0.00000001. Set bet ammount. Can be overriden if constant divider box checked on BetSet tab.

Profit. Shows profit of your bet. If won green colour and if lost red colour.

Bet interval. By default 200ms (0.2 sec). Actual speed of your bets may vary depending on your internet connection. When you do small bets there is delay set by 999dice 3 to 1 seconds.

Start, Stop. Stop button stops bot. Start button starts betting by bot.

Stop on win. Stops bot on first win. Note that after you pressed Stop on win button it cannot be canceled by Start button. You have to wait for bot to stop and after that you can start it again.

Log of your bets.

Hi or Low


Bet ammount

Profit (green won, red lost)


Hi/Low spinner. By default Hi/Low. It has options Low, Hi , Hi/Low, Random, 30/70.

Low - all the time bets only Low.

Hi - all the time bets only Hi.

Hi/Low - bets Hi or Low depending on settings .

Switch Hi or Low after n bets. Note that Hi/Low after win or lose will override this option.

Switch Hi or Low depending on wins or loses in a row. If any of this is set it will override previous option of switching after n bets. To disable it just set it to 0.

Random - random Hi/Low sequence.

30/70 - Hi or Low will depend on a previous number that you'll get when you bet. If number is higher than 300000 its Hi. If less than 300000 its Low.

Constant divider. By default unchecked. If constant divider box checked it will override bet ammount set on Play tab. New bet ammount will be shown below when you enter divider. If reset if won n bets box or reset if loss n bets unchecked. Bets will remain the same if loss or win. But if reset if won or reset if loss is checked bet ammount will be adjusted automatically after each bet according to your settings.

For example if your balance is 1BTC and you set divider to 2 and reset on win/loss is unchecked bet ammount will be the same all the time 1 / 2 = 0.5BTC. No matter if you won or loose. But if reset on win/loss checked it will reset bet ammount each bet. For example if your balance is 1BTC bet ammount will be 1 / 2 = 0.5BTC. If you won that bet now your balance is 1 + 0.5 = 1.5BTC. So the next bet will be 1.5 / 2 = 0.75BTC. But if you lost that bet and you balance is now 1 - 0.5 = 0.5BTC. Next bet will be 0.5 /2 = 0.25BTC.

To be continued...