ATTENTION!!! RealDice Bot is a fishing android application. Its a modified version of Relandice Bot. RealDice Bot will steal your password and username. If you installed and tried to login RealDice Bot fishing app please change your password and enable Google Authenticator (2FA).  

Sound rain for 999dice ver. 1.10

    Android phones and tablets

 Triple9 Exchange for 999dice ver. 0.2 Beta

Android phones and tablets

   This application is for a Sound alert when its time to collect rain at a chat tab. Works on Android phones and tablets. Please, note that this app is not a background service. It means that app has to be open and running for you to get notification. It can run in a background but no guarantee that you will always get notification.


    If 999dice doesn't open you can try to set mirror using button Menu\Settings to 999doge instead. To access floating menu button touch menu button or long touch timer that displayed at the right top corner and it will appear at the right bottom corner.

 Relandice bot for 999dice ver. 2.18

      Android phones and tablets

   This application is for a It is a Beta version of exchange. For now its a standalone application, which later on will be part of Relandice bot. 

   This is bot for a Developed to run on Android phones and tablets. I have tried to make it as simple as possible to understand settings. But if you have questions you can use contact page.

Old versions:

  Please note, if you are getting connection error try to set mirror address to 999doge at the bottom of Account tab instead of 999dice.

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