At Google's Play Market scam under similar name and icon Relandice bot .Net, be carefull.

 Relandice bot for Primedice ver. 1.00

      Android phones and tablets

Screenshot_20211010-223500_Relandice bot PD
Screenshot_20211010-223506_Relandice bot PD
Screenshot_20211010-223516_Relandice bot PD
Screenshot_20211010-223512_Relandice bot PD
Screenshot_20211010-223521_Relandice bot PD

   This is Relandice bot PD for a Now you can easily automate your bets at It is an advanced version of old Relandice bot version 3.00, with updated and reworked UI to make it easier to enjoy your game. If you have suggestions about futures which you would like to see added in the next updates of Relandice bot email to Click button below to get latest version of Relandice bot PD. 

Important! For normal operation of Relandice bot, please disable battery optimization for Relandice bot PD. Otherwise after short time application will stop working and betting.

  Warning. Do not download Relandice bot from another websites as it might be a modified scam. This is the one and only official site of Relandice bot.